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Last updated on 12/7/18

Student Insights is open source, which means that all code and all changes are published publicly. We also aim to build in the open, and so much of our discussion about what to build and why is public as well. We also believe in free software, and the idea that school communities should have the freedom to run, copy, change and improve their software. If this is new to you, welcome!

We also release a short summary of changes each week as a changelog, aimed at the educators we collaborate with. For longer term planning, we use a work board to communicate about what we’re working on right now, what’s coming up soon, and potential projects a few months out.

If you’d like to collaborate with us, the best way to do this is to reach out over email and we can help you get started. Designers and developers can also join the local Code for Boston brigade on Tuesday nights, either in person or remotely.

Work board

In progress now
Searching notes: For finding past conversations, and for individual and group reflection
504 plans: Export and import 504 plans and accommodations for Somerville
K5 reading: Initial design collaborations on: looking up data points, groupings and interventions, MTSS, finding gaps
Discipline data: Adding heatmap/scatterplot for day/time patterns
Redesigned logo: For website and product itself
Next up
Mark note as restricted: Allow educators to catch each other if anything slips through
Warnings about sensitive topics in notes: Prompt about educator-defined like for things like "51a" or "depression"
Maybe next quarter
Student voice as support: Collaborating to find ways to support more student voice as a support intervention (eg, MTSS in K8, redirect in HS).
Equity: Potentially looking at class list assignments, grade 2/3 reading, PowerBI for achievement vs. SGP broken down by student characteristics.
Services and supports: Possibly looking into tracking and showing the services that counselors and K8 SST/MTSS teams are connecting students with, and making that visible in Insights.
HS grades: Grades and levels over time? Semi-automated import of quarterly grades or IPR codes? Grade distributions?


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